We deliver great Mobile Apps, Web site, SEO and PC repair services.

What we do

We Connect your Business to the World

We create applications and sites making it more accessible, innovative, and more purposeful, in addition to providing hardware solutions to you.

Why choose Trio Apps & PC Repair?

Trio Apps & PC Repair cares about you, and we are committed to increase your brand awareness, business growth and building your future. We want you to experience change and lead the change to your consumers. We love delivering excellence, and want your consumers come back to you over & over again.

At Trio Apps & PC Repair, we make sure our clients are in front of the consumers every time they need an access. We love providing solutions and delivering satisfaction and what good is it if the app isn’t user friendly and attractive. Our team prides in creating a magnificent design making a unique user experience allowing you stand out from your competitors.

Who We are


Trio Apps & PC Repair (Digital Active IT Solution Pty Ltd) is an App development and PC repairs company located in Perth, developing websites, applications for iPhone, iPad, & android devices and providing PC solutions. We excel in providing specialized website development & application services to diversified range of industries and can work with any company to develop a mobile application strategy and PC support. We deliver excellence in designing apps and websites, computer services, system support and PC solutions specialized to provide you the edge over the competitors and to help you achieve the targeted growth, as at Trio Apps & PC Repair we care about you and aim at building your future.